National Society of the Red Crescent of Turkmenistan, approved on March 14, 2024 "Ocean of Wisdom - Magtymguly Pyragy", in order to increase public awareness of the impact of gender awareness on human health and prevention of infectious diseases, "Prevention of infectious diseases and gender equality" " Based on the work plan of the activities to be held, propaganda activities were started among the workers working in several factories located within the territory of the province in accordance with the jointly agreed plan of the Council of the Women's Union of Turkmenistan and the Lebap Velayat Tuberculosis Hospital. One such event was held in the large hall of the construction factory of Turkmenabad with the participation of about 120 workers. Specialists of the Lebap province branch of the Red Crescent National Society of Turkmenistan put forward the ideas such as "A socially inclusive society is a society in which all members have the right to education, to work, to realize their life and cultural interests, and to restore their health." The doctors of the Lebap Velayat Tuberculosis Hospital and the members of the Lebap Velayat Women's Union Council are young or old, female or male, regardless of their social and economic status. During the event, presentations were given to the audience through presentations, and relevant publications were distributed by the Lebap province branch of the Red Half National Society of Turkmenistan.


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