The Dashoguz velayat department of the NRCST in the Dashoguz velayat local history museum organized an event for the prevention of infectious diseases among the newly admitted volunteers. The event emphasized that the highest value of society and the state in our country is a person, and the protection of human health is the main concern of our state. Public health protection is the backbone of the wise public policy pursued by our national Leader.
   Disease prevention is the main direction of the state program "Health", developed under the leadership of the distinguished President. This task is now being solved through the construction of healthcare facilities in the country, the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and sanatorium and resort complexes. Also, health education campaigns among the population on the prevention of seasonal respiratory diseases are regularly carried out and informational training manuals are published. At the event, the volunteers were told about the licorice root, which our ancestors successfully used for various diseases, primarily for coughing and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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