Guided by the tasks set by our Hero Arkadag, our main task is to carry out explanatory work among the population to implement the programs of the esteemed President aimed at the further prosperity of our country. Carrying out events among the population, introducing innovative approaches in their activities, using new technologies of the NRCST by their example, inspire citizens to participate in the process of transforming the country.
      From year to year, the number of volunteers of our Society is increasing due to enthusiastic young people who work in various organizations and study in higher, secondary special and secondary schools. In 2020, 120 new volunteers were attracted in the Dashoguz velayat department of the NRCST, and at this time the total number of volunteers has reached 500 people.
        In February 2021, a seminar for newly recruited volunteers was organized in the meeting room of the Dashoguz velayat department of the NRCST L, where volunteers received knowledge about the activities of the NRCST, about the work of volunteers, about humanitarian and universal values, about the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, healthy lifestyles, prevention diseases, how to attract members of the Society. At the end of the seminar, the volunteers were given certificates.

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