Guided by the instructions of our esteemed President in organizing activities aimed at educating youth in the spirit of reviving national traditions, the Representative Office of the United Nations Population Fund in Turkmenistan in order to assist in the preparation of the draft "State program of Turkmenistan on youth policy for 2021-2025." An online seminar was held from 12 to 16 October 2020. The seminar was aimed at acquainting with the best practices on youth policy in the region. The online seminar, along with representatives of other public organizations, was attended by employees and volunteers of the NRCST of the central office and velayat departments. The seminar was held with the participation of the international expert of the United Nations Population Fund, Mariana Turkan. During the seminar, examples were given in the region on the mechanisms of youth participation in the development and implementation of national programs on youth policy. During the seminar, young people of Turkmenistan discussed the achievements in the implementation of the program, developed an activity plan in accordance with national traditions, for possible use in the future, while developing a draft youth policy. Competent and active participation of Turkmen young people in the seminar evokes feelings of great pride. Youth is the future of our country!