In the year “Turkmenistan - the homeland of Neutrality”, it is the responsibility of each of us to strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and also obey traffic rules to save lives. The main purpose of the annual month “Traffic safety is the well-being of our life” is to remind citizens once again that observance of traffic rules will preserve the health and, in other cases, the lives of thousands of people. In the cities and villages of our country, the population controls various vehicles. Our roads are fully equipped with traffic lights and other warning signs. Knowledge of these signs will save us from road accidents and all sorts of dangers. Therefore, we must be careful on the road. However, in case of road accidents, knowledge of the rules for providing first aid will help prevent various complications of injuries.
    Special courses on first aid are organized in the NRCST. At the courses, students are taught how to call an ambulance, how to provide psychological help and first aid.
Being healthy, helping your neighbor, being cheerful will create a happy future!